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Click here then scroll down if you'd like to listen to the pronunciation of the numbers in italiano.

Learn Italian - Free courses - Loecsen How to learn Italian by yourself? Start with an easy and free online course! We have adopted an objective and efficient approach to learn how to speak a language easily and quickly. Italian: Food & Drink and more

Survival Join for free and get instant access to the first 10 lessons!

QUIA - 265 activities to help you in learning italiano!

Le 1000 parole più usate in italiano!


Free, easy-to-use language translation service for any text and/or web pages:

Google Translator

NEW! Oxford Hotel: Recensioni. Entire TripAdvisor page translated in Italian. See how much you understand & then click on the English version!

Random sentences with translation - COOL!


 I migliori dizionari online! - Dizionario Inglese Italiano

Dizionario Garzanti (italiano) - Dizionario Hazon (inglese-italiano). Registration is free and well worth it.

Dizionario Italiano e Inglese - Italiano

Grande Dizionario Hoepli Italiano-Inglese/Inglese-Italiano - Ultimate & Comprehensive

Idiomax online dictionary

Babylon's Dictionary of Idiomatic Expressions (I recommend NOT downloading dictionary but using it online)!

Welcome to the English-Italian dictionary. Please write word or phrase you want to check in the text box on the left. Glosbe is home for thousands of dictionaries. We provide dictionaries for every existing pairs of languages - online and free.

Espressioni e Modi di dire inglesi - How do you say "hit the nail on the head" "basket case" etc..


Italian Lessons Online

Which words are capitalized and which are not?

Site in italiano, but easy to follow. Exercises, reading comprehension, all kinds of things to help you practice your italiano!

Quizlet: Over 5000+ Italian flashcard sets! Study Italian easily online. And it's FREE!

The Italian Electronic Classroom! a project of Centro Studi Italiani, aimed at providing free on-line, useful information on difficult aspects of the Italian language to students.

Cyberitalian Option #3 Practice with the Free Start-Up Kit and enjoy their lessons and activities. When you are ready to learn more you'll need to signup.

CyberItalian activities. Look for links labeled FREE TRIAL (there are many!)

Italy Magazine: Italian Lessons: Beginner Intermediate Advanced. Dual Language articles & podcasts.

ielanguages Free Language Tutorials Italian Index: Basic Phrases, Vocabulary and Grammar from Jennifer Wagner

A multitude of Italian learning resources, exercises, and activities provided to us by the University of Victoria.

Online Italian Course Units 1-37 Podcasts, dialogues, grammar and exercises. All for free!

Welcome to the ADESSO textbook website! Select a chapter and begin the Interactive activities.

Online textbook: Take a look at Chapter 1 of Prego! An Invitation to Italian, 7th Edition

Prego! An Invitation to Italian, 6/ed. Student Edition - Scroll to chapter of textbook you want to work on. Buono studio!

NEW! Click here for exercises designed as supplementary activities for Beginner/Intermediate Italian students.

Italian for Beginners exercises - if you'd like - copy your results to me!

NEW! Columbia University Italian Department Language Exercises, Reviews, Resources

Impariamo l'italiano! Grammatica italiana e Esercizi Proverbi italiani Quiz Sinonimi Slang Dictation Games.

New: LanguageZone e-Mentoring Project. Read articles in italiano with indexed vocabolario. Don't forget to check out "Mangiare Fuori" and the list of "Archived Articles" :-) - lots of ads but the site is well worth it. Once there, click one of the links on the side bar. I recommend Hand Gestures·How To's·Italian For Beginners·Italian For Children ·Grammar·Homework Help·Lessons·Pen Pals·Pronunciation·Tests/Quizzes·Verbs·Vocabulary·Workbook Exercises

Italian primary & secondary schools - tanta roba qui - il sito e' in italiano!


SIS per studenti, insegnanti o semplici curiosi, interessati alla lingua e alla cultura italiana.

Byki Express is a FREE language-learning software and an excellent method by which to begin learning a foreign language. Click Download Now button once on site. :-)

NEW! Fun and efficient online training in the conjugation of Italian verbs, pronunciation, grammar, etc. Signup for 2 weeks free! You can do a lot in two weeks! :-)

Electronic Tutorial Italian GRAMMAR

Ciao Italia Italian Grammar Verbs Pronouns Prepositions ecc. per studenti al livello avanzato

`*..*.♥. Now you can order books in Italian (for any level reading ability) from this online San Francisco bookstore. Start with those geared towards 0-3 years old and work your way up‼! Click on link below.  

Libreria Pino - una libreria italiana online a San Francisco!

Test yourself! Self-accessment tests for the beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Beginners' self-assessment test. Come to me with your answers.

Conosci l'Italiano? Test your Italian knowledge. Are you a complete beginner, quite fluent or somewhere in between? Choose the correct answer and you'll receive a more challenging question. There are 12 questions altogether. Choose a wrong one and you'll receive your final score plus a guide to the parts of our site that will be most useful for you. (BBC Italian)

Quick self-assessment tests - Test your language skills and determine your level with our quality language tests. This service is free and each test only takes 5 min. Quick tests come with just 10 questions. More in-depth testing available.

PuntoLingua - testing your skills

Advanced: Take the Italian Proficiency Test (that Transparent Language has provided)

Thought Co. Italian  (more than you ever wanted to know about Italian & Italy)

Italian Baby Names!

Benvenuti alla chat di Impariamo l'italiano. Ogni giorno puoi migliorare il tuo italiano nella nostra chat chiacchierando con italiani e studenti d'italiano di tutto il mondo. Buona chiacchierata!

Having trouble with verbs? Click below.

Grammatica Italiana - Verbi

ILUSS - Italiano Online - Free Italian language learning resources - Exercises! Once on site click on link to PAST PERFECT! :-)

ADVANCED: Tutto quello che volete sapere del verbo!

Verb chart with 7 tenses! (advanced)

Irregular Verbs Conjugated 4 you! LA CONIUGAZIONE DI VERBI IRREGOLARI: tenere, venire, andare, dare, stare, dire, fare, bere, dovere, potere, volere.

Verbi Irregolari in all their different tenses!

Italian Verb Conjugators! Let the site do the work for you!

Italian Verb Conjugator! You might like to give this site a try. All you have to do is type in your verb.

Every Italian verb under the sun can be conjugated here.

Il Conuigatore = use to conjugate any verb once on this site just write your verb in box at top of page and click

Conuiga i verbi - Italian Verb Conjugation / Coniugazione di Verbi

Italian conjugation tables - choose either a verb from our listing, select one out of the list of model verbs or use the search function. :-)

Problemi coi pronomi ?  con l'imperativo ?

Pronomi practice...Clicca qui!

Problemi con l'IMPERATIVO? Clicca qui!

Demo Episode: Weekly News in Slow Italian Listen to the news in slow or normal-paced Italian. There is also a Grammar Catalog & an Expressions catalog. A lot is free, but most requires subscription.

Word A Day

Parola del Giorno - Build your Italian vocabulary one word at a time! (with audio)

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